Kendal and Lakes Sub Aqua Club #0546

Dive with us!

Safety, good training and an award from Sport England means we can open up diving to more people!

Our target? – to introduce 100 new people to diving in by the end of 2025.

How? – Regular free try dives and an ongoing diver training program subsidised by our Sport England training grant.

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We welcome divers from other agencies!

Based on the edge of the Lake District we visit  a variety of sites. Lakes like Coniston and Wastwater, Farne Islands, St Abbs, Sound of Mull, Scapa Flow, Red Sea and many more. If it looks interesting, then we’d like to dive it!

We have a compressor and gas room with Nitrox & Trimix and with a number of experienced instructors and divers, we can help you achieve your diving dreams!

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Community Amateur Sports Club Registration

Advanced Diver Workshop

Members of Kendal & Lakes, Lunesdale SAC and Bingham SAC got together for a weekend Advanced Diver workshop. The instructor team from Kalsac took a full part with Adrian Collier from Bingham leading and NW coach Stephen coming along.  A very interactive course with lessons on advanced dive management, first aid updates, weather forecasting, expedition planning, chartwork and a hands in session with a mass of different equipment.

Latest Training News

Congratulations to our new Ocean Divers Maya Clarke and Andy  Dennett who qualified using the new club equipment.

Club pool nights will go right through Summer at Sedbergh and we plan to increase this to 2 pool nights a month during next winter.

We have finished our main try dive sessions now and Ocean Diver training has started with 6 new member! 

Compressor training is going forward with new compressor operators – mixed gas blending coming soon.

Oxygen Admin Course Completed

We had 8 divers on the Oxygen Admin course on 27th January some doing it for the first time and others refreshing – we ran the new syllabus and it was a great day!

Want to become an Instructor?

There are two IFC’s (Instructor Training Courses) announced here in the NW region – first one in March. Anyone interested get n touch asap!

Advanced Diver Weekend Workshop

All potential Advanced divers are welcome to join our inter-club training weekend on 23/24th March in conjunction with Lunesdale SAC and Bingham SAC. See the calendar and get in touch!

Extending your diving?

Accelerated Deco Procedures and Twin Set Diver are already planned as NW regional courses – dates are now on the BSAC website.


Cylinder Filling and Training

For the cylinder filling schedule and info on training click here

Visiting BSAC club?  Our gas prices are amazing!

Sport England Grant

Our new equipment has arrived, thanks to the grant from Sport England.  Scubapro Mk17 S600 regs all complete with Suunto Zoop Novo computers brings us right up to date and we have expanded our existing 7L and 10L cylinders with a selection of 12L and 15L Faber cylinders, all Nitrox ready. We also have 8 new Mares Rock BCs.  Part of the grant is to enable us to introduce more potential divers to the sport and our first FREE try dive session of 2024 is on Sunday 11th February.

Kernow Dive Fest 2024
Final opportunity to attend the dive fest and anyone interested should contact the Training Officer asap!

Click this link and get more information!

Sturgeon in Capernwray